Regina Kowert is continuing with language and culture study in Senegal. Read Full Story
It was just a few weeks ago that Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo asked for prayer regarding the possibility of having a drilled well in the village. Read Full Story
The well digger still has not returned to complete Alessandro and Chantal’s well and now that the dry season has arrived, the level of water is going down.  Read Full Story
The school had a short mid-term break recently, most of which Eveline spent in bed or resting, trying to get over a cold/cough that has been going around since before Christmas and which she recently succumbed to. Read Full Story
Some progress has been made on the Parrillo’s house but definitely not as much as they had hoped. Read Full Story
Dubby Rodda recently had to postpone a trip to Senegal due to suspected health issues but God had better plans! Read Full Story

In January, Regina’s two British colleagues moved out of the apartment that they shared with her and an American family of six moved in. This family works with another mission organisation and need to complete phase one and two of French study.

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Michael and Michaela Fournier with Norbert had the lesson plan and the first part of the translated lessons, so they contextualized the first part of the lessons and prepared them, in order to teach.  Read Full Story
The Lord knows all and He knows exactly what we need and when – how good it is to know that nothing occurs outside of His perfect timing. Read Full Story
The NTM guesthouse in Senegal will be very busy during this month. Read Full Story
Praise the Lord that He protected Lív from a huge car accident when she drove back to the village. Read Full Story
Last week, Alessandro took a trip to Guinea. The main reason was for the vehicle paperwork (since they have a Guinean vehicle in Senegal, they must return to Guinea every 40 days). While there, he also was able to see the house construction and meet a number of people. Read Full Story
Regina Kowert finds it an awesome experience to see how people rejoice as soon as they worship in their heart language. Read Full Story
The month of November has arrived and Alessandro and Chantal would love to say that they’re finally moving… but that’s not the case… they still need to wait! Read Full Story
This will be the first ever autumn in the Netherlands for the Keyser children! Now the lessons they’ve had about the four seasons suddenly come to life and are finally to be understood for real! Read Full Story
Recently Lív Poulsen was able to share at a women’s meeting and also at the missions conference in the Faroes where she is on home assignment.  Read Full Story
Sascha and Damaris Kröcker with Johanna, Elisabeth, and Jonathan feel privileged to be allowed to serve God in West Africa. Read Full Story
The meetings they had with the church-planting consultants were helpful. Read Full Story
Regina’s language lessons are going well, are interesting and at the same time challenging. Read Full Story
 It is an intense course, so that if someone gets sick, class is cancelled because it would be too much to catch up on. Read Full Story