Jason and Nisae Williamson with Kadynn, Judah and Eden and their co-workers the Tousch and Callahan families praise the Lord for the peace He is giving His children. This is something they have never experienced before, and the team are rejoicing for them as they allow Truth to seep into their worldview and begin to change it.  Read Full Story
The planned evaluation didn’t happen because of unrest related to elections. NTM’s CLA consultants are busy people serving in many different roles and thus not able to come to Dom until the end of the month.  Read Full Story
Philip and Natalie have been in Germany since mid-June waiting for the birth of their son who was born on the 24th August. Read Full Story
So much has happened; that Julia sometimes finds it hard to process it all. She enjoys her class and finds the children’s eagerness to learn refreshing. Read Full Story
"I want to be a flying fox with God's Talk.” That is what David's translation helper told him as he was pondering all the ministry needs in different places from deep in the bush to out in the towns. Read Full Story
Sasch and Charissa plan to be in the USA for another two weeks. Their trip went well and thankfully the children are finally adjusting to sleeping in the new time zone.  Read Full Story
As of the 1st of October, Ruth is an official worker for CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) in an IT position, specifically Web Design. Read Full Story
Daniel and Rachel Hulley with co-workers Levi and Robyn Lenz serve among the North Wahgi people of Papua New Guinea Read Full Story
Jon and Kristen and family serve in a rural location in Southeast Asia. Their prayer is that the local believer’s hearts would grow in love and faith and that they would continue to stand firm. Read Full Story
Tonight, NTM-USA (or as they are they now called Ethnos360) will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of New Tribes Mission. Read Full Story
Chris and Ingrid have been extremely busy with many steep learning curves since their son Jonathan Eivind was born on the 20th July. Read Full Story
The Mibu church has taken the Gospel to several villages, even some in a closely related neighbouring language. The resulting believers in many of these outreaches continue to fare well. Read Full Story
Ever since Jonathan and Rachel Willcock arrived back in the UK four years ago, they have continued to have a connection to Latin America, making trips back to the region for workshops at least once a year. Read Full Story

Events they had not expected have brought about changes to their plans, so that they had to reschedule some ministry activities and work on others from a distance. However, in all of this Norman and Bobby are very aware that God is in control. He is not taken by surprise by these events but is working in every circumstance of their lives for their good and for His purposes.

 Read Full Story
After three weeks of hard work in the capital, Stephen and Moira Poulson were finally able to complete the revised literacy course for the Baynunk language. They now have five primers, five 'readers' to go with each primer, one pre-literacy booklet, a writing workbook, a teacher's guide and numerous syllable cards and key word cards ready for printing; all which are necessary to restart a Baynunk literacy course. Courses were done many years ago but faded out. Read Full Story

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