Abau believers are steadily working through and discussing Romans. Please pray that their faith is increased as they learn more of God's Word. Read Full Story
To address false teaching -- and prepare the Siawi church for the future -- missionaries are training Bible teachers. Pray for good, faithful teachers to emerge from this group. Read Full Story
Thank the Lord with us and Tumun. Her fellow believers planted the ill woman's garden so her family will have food. Read Full Story
Missionary pilot Bryan Abbott set out in language study and 'learned' an English word. Pray for patience and a sense of humor for Bryan and his wife, Melissa. Read Full Story
The New Testament translation has been completed for the Wanas. Praise God for the work that has been done, and the enthusiastic response of the people. Read Full Story
Inanbimali and Bagwido believers are learning to fellowship in Christ and encourage one another. Pray for them as they stand together against criticism and threats. Read Full Story
Thank the Lord with us that Mama Cecilia, who is in failing health, had the opportunity to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel in her own language, and has responded. Read Full Story
The first communion among the Inanbimali believers drew a crowd of curious onlookers. Thank God with us for the courage He gave the believers to take part. Read Full Story
More Inanbimalis are seeing God working in their lives, and are already thinking about leading their own church. Thank the Lord with us for the work He is doing among them. Read Full Story
Praise God for His Holy Spirit. The Bagwido people are excited as they learn about Him and the early church from the book of Acts. Read Full Story
Nineteen people in the last Bisorio village to hear the Gospel no longer trust in a false god. They placed their faith in Christ last weekend, and now trust in His complete work of redemption. Please pray for the new believers as they begin their life in Christ, that they will stand firm in their salvation. Read Full Story
Poul, Carol and family lived among the Sorimi for many years and now serve itinerantly. Read Full Story

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