The Moi believers are learning about the early church and recently shared the Lord's Supper for the first time. Pray for their continued growth in Christ. Read Full Story
Local missionary candidates are currently in a tribe learning how to acquire the culture and language of a people group. Please pray that they will become thoroughly equipped to take God's Word to a tribe. Read Full Story
A missionary team will meet this week with village leaders to make sure they understand why the missionaries want to move into the village. Please pray that their purpose is well understood and that the McClain and Flaugher families can make all the necessary arrangements and preparations for the move. Read Full Story
Heti asked God to intervene in a recent violent conflict, and was excited when He answered. "We true-believers are really God's children," Heti said. Thank God with us for glorifying His name. Read Full Story
Stela spoke up against the traditions of her people -- a huge step forward for believers. Pray that more Tobos stand up for the Word of God. Read Full Story
Missionary Hope Sharp and her faithful translation co-workers have finished the Iwam New Testament. The Iwam people gathered for a dedication ceremony and thanked and praised God for His Word. Pray that the Iwam believers will grow through reading God's Word and that many more will be saved by hearing the message of Salvation in their own language. Read Full Story
The Yaos in Mozambique are wrapping up their harvests as the rainy season comes to an end. Pray for missionaries Anthony and Jennie Chee as they prepare to teach God's Word once the Yaos have more time to spend in the village. Read Full Story
Missionary Linda Krieg is busy these days, traveling all over Papua New Guinea, attending conferences, training missionaries and preparing to finish the Siawi New Testament translation. Please pray that the translation is clear and that her transition back into the tribe is smooth. Read Full Story
Half of the evangelistic Bible lessons have been presented to another group of Patpatar people. Pray that God's Word draws them to Him. Read Full Story
Two missionaries, Yuspiter Yambung and Nomad Nelman, who have completed their training with NTM Aviation are returning home. Please pray for them as they and their families travel and begin ministry in the Asia-Pacific region. Read Full Story
A few families have stopped attending evangelistic Bible lessons, and missionary Dave Wright needs a new Mengen co-worker to help with translation. Pray that more Mengens will see the importance of God's Word and of applying it to their lives. Read Full Story
Morops shed only a few tears to appease the spirits when an unloved man died recently. Pray that the people soon understand God's love for each of them. Read Full Story
Please pray that the Kuman people will understand the grace of God and that salvation comes through faith in Christ, not by good works. Read Full Story
Dom Bible teachers are taking every opportunity to teach evangelistic Bible lessons to their people and now have been asked to teach in the local schools. Please pray that more Doms will understand the Gospel and trust in Christ. Read Full Story
Iyepiyaa is encouraging his friend Wusimpa, who is recovering from injury and infection. Pray that both men hold fast to God. Read Full Story

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