Men from the various tribal churches gathered recently to discuss together and deepen their understanding of the lessons learned in the Phase I teaching. Read Full Story
They are still settling in on the mission base. Their Christmas celebration was low key as they were focusing more on finally giving Louis a schedule.  Read Full Story
Lourens and Marie Laureti stepped out of our bush location for a ‘short period’ with the purpose of helping at their support centre and region. Read Full Story

David Ogg has spent the past two months doing a comprehension check on over 4,000 verses with two Simbari Bible teachers.

 Read Full Story
Phil and Elin picked their kids Callie and Elias up from school in Kenya and began a whirlwind trip to Australia. Read Full Story

NTM-Aviation (the flight programme of NTM) in PNG had a few medical evacuations just recently.

 Read Full Story

Paul and Marina will return at the end of the month with another suitcase full of teaching materials and Scripture portions.

 Read Full Story

The believers loved to hear the Word and were blessed as Jack taught on the Coming King! They are so excited about heaven and seeing Jesus! Jack and Isa’s hearts were so encouraged by them.

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Ladies attended from all over the country for a time of rest and relaxation, taking a break from their busy lives to spend some time listening, sharing and in worship. Esmé made new friends, enjoyed good food and the luxury of being in a hotel! Read Full Story
Philippians 4:6 - Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Read Full Story
Stephan and Sandra love to learn the difficult language. They are enthusiastic about the artful Thai writing and also the work with the foundation is a good challenge. Read Full Story
Sasch and Charissa Schwendich are very thankful for the time they spent in the USA, and had a blessed time with their family and friends.  Read Full Story
Regina has a new language helper and they meet three times a week. Pray for their conversations, relationship and language study. Read Full Story
Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen are very excited to be able to share with you that one of the Kankana-ey Bible teachers is in the village where they ministered with the goal of teaching the Phase One lessons for a month.  Read Full Story
Jim and Judy Burdett’s ministry has seen some setbacks this year due to many unforeseen events out of their control but certainly in God’s. Read Full Story

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