Papua New Guinea

Uriay believers are beginning to realize that their walk with God is a process. Pray that the believers continue the step-by-step growth process as they learn new truths from God’s Word. Elias Struik asks for prayer that the missionary team will be clea

Jill Goring is helping Ralf Schlegel and four Dinangats check the translation of Ephesians as seven other translators watch and learn. Pray that the check produces clear direction toward a good translation, and helps with other translations.

The missionaries to the Siar people will be teaching on the life of Christ leading up to teaching about His death, burial and resurrection on Friday.Please pray that the Siars will clearly understand the Gospel and will trust in Christ by faith alone.

Matthew’s wife Dalsi died in childbirth, but he is confident he will see her again. Please pray for Matthew. Pray that he knows the comforting presence of God, and that this and his hope strengthen him to continue to be a bold witness before those who d

For the past six months the teachers have faithfully taught key Old Testament stories and lessons about the life of Christ to prepare them for these final messages.

Poul Joensen left the UK at the end of September for a six week trip to PNG.

A Few of Our Missionaries in Papua New Guinea