North Wahgi People Group News

Levi and Robyn Lenz are full of praise to God for all He is doing.

Stephen used to teach that people had to follow the Law to be right with God.

Another group of North Waghis are hearing God's story from Creation to Christ.

The North Wahgi man has been helping prepare Firm Foundation Bible lessons for his people.

More than 50 people are regularly hearing Firm Foundation Bible teaching.

The North Wahgi people are hearing Firm Foundation lessons in their own language.

This coming Monday (Sunday evening USA time), the team ministering to the North Wahgi people plans to begin presenting Firm Foundations Bible lessons.

The North Wahgi people are preparing to hear and teach about the Bible by learning to read and write their own language.

The missionary team to the North Wahgi people has almost completed preparations to teach Firm Foundations Bible lessons.

Some North Wahgi people started learning to read and write their own language last week.

Thank God with us for Kaspar, Jo and Paul, who have been coming faithfully to help Dan Hulley translate lessons and Scripture portions into their language.

Missionary plays dentist on top of other responsibilities.

The Lenz family will soon join the Hulley and Wilson families in their goal to plant a church among the North Wahgi people of Papua New Guinea.