Mwinika People Group News

A Mwinika woman said she wanted to come and hear God’s Word, but it had been forbidden.

Today, missionaries plan to teach a Bible lesson that was postponed. Last week, a public holiday, a death in the village and rain disrupted teaching. Pray that teaching can continue today and will be well-attended.

Amina, a respected older lady, has never learned to read and write before, but is persevering so she can read and write her own language.

Bible lessons last week and this week have caused sleepless nights for some Mwinikas.

A timeline of biblical history gives perspective on Bible lessons for the Mwinikas.

He was sick with malaria.

Old and sick Mwinikas can hear Bible teaching even if they cannot attend sessions.

A woman selling bread was by no means loafing, and that disrupted work on Bible translation.

A 3-year-old Mwinika boy is eager to hear Bible lessons.

Creation shows us what God is like, Phil Henderson explained as he taught Bible lessons to the Mwinika people.

A small group attends the beginning of evangelistic Bible teaching.

The Mwinika men were excited to finally hear God's list of rules, but as they helped translate the Ten Commandments, they began to cry...

Understanding traditional stories and proverbs helps missionary Phil Henderson get to know the Mwinika culture, in order to present God's Word clearly.

Religious, government and clan leaders want Bible teaching four days a week.

Missionaries will meet soon with Mwinika leaders so they can find unity and agreement on upcoming Bible teaching.

Mwinika men who are translating Old Testament stories find that they identify with the Israelites.

Tim and Kat Warner are learning that they are ministering to the Mozambican people even though they are still getting oriented to the country and learning the culture and language.

Missionaries among the Mwinikas have just a few weeks to work out the final details to begin teaching the people to read and write their own language.

Edrissa, though ill with malaria, doesn't want to miss a minute of Bible translation.

The Mwinka woman dying without Christ brings pain to a missionary's heart.