Mwinika People Group News

Decades ago, leaders of the Mwinikas’ predominant religion prayer for God’s Word in their own language.

Literacy classes are moving fast, and students will soon complete the first of four primers.

A literacy class has begun for another group of Mwinikas. “We are very encouraged to see this group of seven (potentially eight) showing initiative in learning to read and write their language,”

“Pray with us for the Mwinika people who have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ … this year,” wrote Nadia Hattingh.

Six years ago, Juma told Nadia Hattingh, “I want to know what God says.” Since then, evangelistic Bible lessons have been presented in Juma’s language,

How could missionaries motivate the people to read?

Americo decided to speak.

A bread seller's calls interrupted the translation work.

This week, an experienced missionary will evaluate how well Elin Henderson is doing in learning the culture and language of the Mwinika people.

Several Mwinikas have learned to read and write in their own language, and some have learned to teach literacy. Also, for the first time ever, books have been printed in the Mwinika language.

Bible teaching to the Mwinikas was interrupted by three funerals last week.

A Mwinika man who helped prepare Bible lessons got a preview of the Gospel, and is speaking out about what he has learned.

After months of evangelistic Bible lessons, the Mwinika people will hear about the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

The Mwinika people identified with a Bible lesson about Jesus freeing a man from evil spirits.

A religious leader is encouraged to catch up with Bible lessons he has missed so he can understand the teaching.

Mwinikas are hearing Bible teaching about Jesus that conflicts with their traditional beliefs.

Many Mwinikas in Mozambique want to be remembered as a people who received the Gospel, not a people who rejected it.

The Mwinika people of Mozambique are learning the importance of having the Bible in their own language.

Halfway through evangelistic Bible lessons, missionaries Phil and Elin Henderson are taking a week off and letting the Mwinika people think about what they've heard.

A Mwinika leader adds a note for a thief to the Bible lesson recordings.