Mwinika People Group News

The first official outreach to another village!

A cyclone has caused damage in Mozambique

The Hattingh family’s desire is to be back in Mozambique

Francois and Nadia are delayed in their return to Mozambique.

Hardship and loss are not unbearable when compared to the joy of sharing the gospel.

The teaching of God’s Word is producing powerful changes among the Mwinika people.

The great chief of the village comes to thank Nadia Hattingh for saving his nephew’s life.

After the death of his daughter, Salim’s testimony of hope is comforting many.

The little girl's uncle had the right to choose her treatment, and he chose a witchdoctor.

Mwinikas are beginning to understand that following God means choosing to make changes in their lives.

God is at work in Mwinika culture and in the lives of Mwinika individuals.

Seeing God’s Word at work in Mwinika lives is a great joy and reward.

"One of the highlights for us is to see the men that have been discipled over the last seven years teaching their fellow Mwinikas from the Bible."

Shaded by a mango tree and shielded by woven walls, Mwinikas help others learn to read.

God is transforming Mwinika lives in remarkable ways.

Moses, the teenage son of the great chief, was seriously injured while crossing a river.

Francois and Nadia Hattingh share thoughts on discipling the Mwinika people.

He was sick with malaria.

A woman told missionary Nadia Hattingh that her womanizing husband has changed since hearing God's Word.

She comes at night - crying in my yard - and it terrifies me...