Moi People Group News

Moi believers dealing with what all new believers do -- applying biblical principles to life.

People who have recently learned to read are now finding out how to present God's Word.

A Moi woman show no sadness when she buries her newborn son.

Thinking about God's Word, a Moi man repents of his decision to kill a little girl.

A Moi man, assuming his wife's baby is not his, attempts to choke his newborn daughter to death.

Despite a fear of water, thirteen Moi believers were baptized recently.

Moi literacy students demonstrate compassion after their actions were hurtful to a fellow student.

Moi believers observe the Lord's Supper for the first time.

The Moi man gave up the first time he tried to learn to read and write, but recently completed the course.

Missionary Carolyn Crockett takes a Moi mother and baby to "town" for medical help and has some interesting experiences.

In an era when a jet can whisk you to the other side of the world, it's hard to imagine there are still places that take more than two days to get to.

Families are moving closer to attend literacy classes so they can read Bible lessons and the Scriptures in their own language.

As Moi believers learn more about God, their faith is seen in their daily lives.