Mibu People Group News

Everything about the letter commanded,“Read me and obey!”

Mibu believers in Papua New Guinea still grieve over the death of loved ones but recognize it "is the beginning of the harvest of our people going to Heaven"

Joey Tartaglia fails with the cucumber but delights in Weng's understanding of grace.

Mibu believers showed they still have needs when asked if they could stand on their own.

Mibu believers testify about why both the Old and New Testament teaching is necessary.

The Mibu church in Papua New Guinea worked together to bring a believer's body home.

Ketang acknowledged God's timing in the death of his wife, Yoonare, last week.

The count could go higher but so far 55 more Mibus have indicated they put their trust in Christ after hearing evangelistic Bible lessons.

Believers from various tribes came together with missionaries for a translation workshop and noted that though they have different culture and language they have the same relationship with Christ.