Mengen People Group News

Some Mengens prefer to write their questions about God's Word

The missionary team among the Mengens is welcoming a new family to help plant a mature church in the tribe.

The Mengen people in Papua New Guinea are starting to realize their inability to keep God's Law.

Missionary Dave Wright is discouraged when couple steps out of teaching to return to their gardens.

Obstacles are cropping up for the teaching plans among the Mengen people of Papua New Guinea.

Missionaries to the Mengen people in Papua New Guinea will use a "debt rope" to teach about sin and its effects.

In spite of being beaten for listening to God's Word, a Mengen woman in Papua New Guinea wants to hear His Truth.

Teaching twice a day to an eager group of Mengen people in Papua New Guinea has missionary Dave Wright looking for creative ways to save his voice.

The Mengen people of Papua New Guinea have another chance to hear evangelistic Bible lessons, and the Mengen men helping are already being impacted.

Missionary Dave Wright is preparing to teach another round of evangelistic Bible Lessons.