Mengen People Group News

Something exciting was about to happen, and the Mengens knew it...

God has brought a Mengen couple back together after the death of their daughter.

Kariang's family and now even her husband are blaming her.

Mengen believers see God protect them as they stand up to persecution.

As the believers grow in their understanding of God's Word, many are boldly speaking against the Maliaba spirit and its followers.

Sixteen Mengens publicly demonstrated their faith in Christ in spite of death threats.

Mengen believers are gathering each evening to sing praises to God.

Three Mengen men become literacy teachers and many believers could soon take the bold step of baptism.

Some Mengens want revenge, others want police action, but the believers want to show mercy to the men who destroyed property.

The families involved worked out an agreement instead of starting a cycle of revenge and paybacks.

Mengens are not afraid, and realize they need to help others know Jesus.

The death of Regina, who was unsaved, has hit believers especially hard.

Kariang asked a question she had given much thought to as she works with missionary Rebecca Preheim to translate God's Word into the Mengen language.

Books are a witnessing tool, helping them share God's Word with others.

Mengen believers are learning to take steps of faith and respond to the Holy Spirit's work.

Mengen believers are transitioning from the cycle of superstition that has been a part of their lives.

Mengen believers in Papua New Guinea received a book that will help them share the Good News with their neighbors.

This was a huge step forward for each of them and for the young church.

A work team skips tourism to help missionaries move into their home quicker.

The Mengens who have placed their faith in Christ recently are asking a lot of questions.