Mengen People Group News

One believer was ridiculed by her family and friends for taking part in communion.

Mengen believers need to decide how to respond to an important ritual spirit dance.

Translating Romans led to Kariana's questions.

Mengen teachers are being trained and more of God's Word is being translated.

New believers, growing believers and Bible lessons are all part of the Mengen church even during hardships.

Thank you for praying for the believers as a new round of opposition was starting. “Even though persecution is a painful experience, yet it has great benefits for both the church and unbelievers as well

Believers among the Mengen people are facing a new round of persecution, and an upcoming event that includes drinking and spirit worship is not likely to help.

Believers are learning, fellowshiping and worshiping and soon will teach others.

Fransis decided 3 a.m. is the time to make peace with God.

The Shaman predicted a believer would get sick and die.

Mengens used to say Belsen was an example of a bad Mengen person. Illness has made him an outcast.

Mengen believers are sharing their faith in Christ and living it.

“Before, I was afraid of the dead spirits.”

Before the whole village, eight Mengen believers give clear testimonies of their faith and desire to follow Jesus.

Kamalus’ stomach churned when he received the piece of vine.

Lourens Laureti and his family were able to return to a Mengen village from home assignment just before Easter.

The night sounds are starting to change.

A witchdoctor came to Kariana…

As soon as the baby was born, he was taken away from his mother...

Something exciting was about to happen, and the Mengens knew it...