Mengen People Group News

A believing Mengen woman and mother of eight lives a simple life of trust and dependence that witnesses loud and clear to an entire village

Lourens Laureti says sharing the gospel in a remote jungle comes with many challenges--and some really great rewards.

Instead of spending a holiday relaxing, Rebecca Preheim and two Mengen co-workers spent many hours checking the translation.

Due to a shortage of pilots, fuel and finances, Lourens Laureti had just one choice.

Believers are taking responsibility in the church, and some are being recognized as elders.

The Mengen believers are a changed people, and it shows in the way they treat others.

Missionary Lourens Laureti shares a letter from the Mengen church.

Villagers want to know what makes the difference in the lives of the believers.

Missionary Lourens Laureti weeps with joy for what God is doing in Mengen lives.

Mengen believers reach out to serve with Christ's love in ways that make their persecutors wonder.

Joy and peace are replacing the fear and discord that have, until recently, reigned in this Mengen village.

Simon Flanagan's study of Mengen is complete, so soon he'll present Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

The church had the opportunity to see what God's Word says about persecution as they experience it.

Bible translators are overwhelmed to see the results of their first work.

Were the spirits coming to get her?

Mengen believers are deciding how to celebrate Christ’s birth.

Those with the Maliaba spirit blame the missionaries for every bad thing that happens.

As soon as the baby was born, he was taken away from his mother...

The first men came from a cucumber, right?

The fruit is common among the Mengen people, but the gesture was surprising.