Mengen People Group News

When God opens a door, things can change fast.

Missionaries often present a false picture of who they are due to having to try and maintain a certain status with their supporters.

The Mengen elders have never seen the likes of the cyclone before.

The Laureti family are extending their time of home assignment through 2015

The Mengen Church has further extended the reach of the Gospel to the north coast

The Flanagan family’s desire is to return to the work among the Mengen people in PNG.

Missionaries among the Mengen people were surprised to see a family return to the village.

Supporters are the real heroes

Karis is now home and doing well after major heart surgery.

Lourens Laureti and the Mengen team have lost a full time co-worker.

The Flanagan family are enjoying time in the USA.

Believing that God will break through by the power of prayer and His Word.

Laureti’s on home assignment in South Africa

Simon and Annika Flanagan and family are preparing for a two month trip to the USA.

Lourens and Marie Laureti and family prepare for home assignment.

Mengen church body takes on more responsibility.

For the Flanagans last year was a year of travel and challenges but God was faithful.

The outreach into another Mengen village is going well.

From literacy and Bible teaching to discipleship, mentoring and church planting, Dave and Judy Wright are keeping busy meeting the demand.

A nine-hour hike to a distant village opens opportunities for eternal impact.