More people groups in the Philippines draw closer to hearing the Gospel

Astun wanted someone to take his place teaching Bible lessons in his village.

Astun wants to know who will take his place while he recovers.

Volunteers can be used by God mightily in practical support of tribal missionaries.

Judy Clarke shares thoughts from a unique missionary perspective.

Sometimes she runs away.

Libanya helped other believers meet Jesus as well. He taught Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

Tukid is unable to prepare his garden.

The unbelievers watched the wedding with a mixture of amazement and curiosity.

The Manobo man is hospitalized, and was stunned when fellow believers cleared and planted for him.

Manobo Bible teachers use illustrations that fit their culture and are very clear to their people.

Sometimes she runs away.

Bible teachers are taking God's Word to village after village, and following up to disciple believers.

The Manobos wanted to thank God and had a wonderful time of fun and fellowship doing it.

A wedding caused many Manobos to see the difference in the lives of those who follow Christ.

Pulding and Anu have returned to meeting with their fellow Manobo believers.

Wila recently returned to the Lord and her husband Garus is listening to evangelistic Bible lessons.

Three Manobos have insisted that Tabyus teach evangelistic Bible lessons nightly.

Nilsun hesitated to move and begin a new ministry, but circumstances forced the Bible teacher to do so.

Mahan and Arsisa have been unable to find work in the village where they minister, but have food, shelter and a motorcycle.