Lusi People Group News

Martin has returned to his ministry as a Mouk missionary to the Lusi people after taking some time away after his wife’s death.

Rick and Anji Zook are translating Bible portions in preparation for Firm Foundations Bible teaching for the Lusi people.

“The first translation check went well,” wrote Rick and Anji Zook. Thank you for praying. “We were able to get good feedback and make some needed corrections.

Experienced Bible translator Ned Beall is checking Rick and Anji Zook’s translation of the passages about Joseph in Genesis in the Lusi language.

More than 2,300 verses in four languages are on the schedule for Ned Beall. He’s checking Scripture translations for the Siar, Akolet, Maleu and Lusi people groups.

Rick and Anji Zook are translating the Bible into the language of the Lusi people.

Rick and Anji Zook are beginning the journey of translating Scripture into the Lusi language.