Loron People Group News

Thirty years ago, in a beautiful cove on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, Paul and Marina Briggs completed four years of missionary training with New Tribes Mission.

Translation work progresses among the Loron people.

Paul and Marina Briggs are now both in West Africa.

The door to missionary work in Burkina is not only open, it’s off its hinges!

Paul and Marina Briggs are currently on opposite sides of the African continent.

The Loron believers have chosen a name for their fellowship of churches.

The Loron believers take on a huge undertaking.

Paul and Marina return to Ivory Coast after their travels.

Attending a translation course provides Daniel Palay with tools to be a more effective Bible translator.

Paul and Marina are planning to return to West Africa this week.

Frank Brearley's return to Africa to train missionaries is brightened by reunions with men he discipled years ago.

A recent Loron conference for believing women overflowed with joy and fellowship.

Cell phones have become cheap and widely available in Africa, and most can accommodate tiny memory cards.

Three men who have demonstrated leadership will take responsibility for the church.

A government representative encouraged Paul and Marina Briggs to resume their ministry among the Loron people of Ivory Coast.

Paul and Marina Briggs taught 21 Loron Bible teachers from eight churches how to use evangelistic Bible lessons.

The Loron church leader who had not been heard from after fighting broke out has been heard from now and is OK. Thank you for praying, and please continue to pray for peace for the Loron believers and Ivory Coast.

Ivory Coast continues to be in conflict, and some of the Loron believers may have been caught up in the violence.

The Loron people have been hearing evangelistic Bible lessons on radio and want to hear more.

Reading, writing, and evangelistic Bible lessons being taught in the Ivory Coast.