Dom People Group News

Reading Ephesians for practice, Yal Ki’s heart was stirred and he turned back to God.

This week, Lori Morley is helping Jim and Judy Burdett work on some long-standing problems with the Dom orthography.

It was only a bundle of grass, but Gena knew this meant that an enemy had cursed him...

A weekend visit to assess the maturity of the Dom church, and what steps come next, went well.

Mike Mikolavich, Bill Michaud and Gerolf Wuest are evaluating the maturity of the church in the Dom tribe today and this weekend.

Several passages, especially in 2 Corinthians, need more work to be clear in the Dom language.

Rose felt insecure, because her bride price wasn't paid.

House-sitting is one of the many and varied tasks that Bill and Lynette Cottam take on as they support church planting in remote tribes.

Jim and Judy Burdett want to start a literacy class in another village.

Jim Burdett is getting several Dom New Testament books ready for a translation check in June. "It is tedious and exhausting, but also exciting," Judy Burdett wrote.

The Dom people lost houses and gardens and missionaries Jim and Judy Burdett's house and garage also suffered major damage.

The New Testament translation is expected to be complete within five years.

Kapia and Gena are presenting evangelistic Bible lessons, discipling, and teaching literacy.

While on home assignment, missionaries Jim and Judy Burdett keep up on news from Papua New Guinea and work on Bible translation.