Dinangat People Group News

Bible teachers decided some changes were in order as church meetings seemed tired.

Dinangat believers are excited to meet Inapang believers. The last time they met neither people group had heard the Gospel.

Their fear has been replaced with joy, guilt replaced by grace and bondage by freedom.

As the final evangelistic Bible lesson was taught in another Dinangat village several gave testimony of understanding and placing their faith in Christ.

Bible teaching in a Dinangat villages has almost reached the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

Some are turning from their old ways, and a Dinangat Bible teacher is reminding them that this is not enough, and they need to learn more.

Months of teaching key stories from God's Word are helping people identify and confess their wrongdoing.

The culture in this village is different, and amid the good questions are suspicions.

Dinangat Bible teachers in Papua New Guinea are showing discernment and dedication.

Dinangat Bible teachers see God at work after they began teaching God's Word.

Dinangat believers started slowly, but now one after another are thanking God.

Dinangat believers offer help to a pregnant woman whose husband is away.

Some Dinangat believers say "no" after a school office is burned down.

Sweet potatoes and water represent the body and blood for Dinangat believers.

Many Dinangats are finding it tough to break free from a system that required good works.

Dinangat believers in Papua New Guinea are realizing God's unconditional love.

The subject of baptism places the challenge of obedience versus tradition before the people.

Dinangat believers in Papua New Guinea are choosing to worship God over earthly treasure.

Many in Papua New Guinea now have a clear understanding why Christ came to earth.

After being told of their biblical responsibilities, the men are stepping forward and learning to read in Papua New Guinea.