Dinangat People Group News

The missionary team has always known there would be a finish line for their ministry.

Several families in a Dinangat village have asked to hear Firm Foundations Bible lessons, and the Dinangat Bible teachers believe that God wants them to go and teach.

The main Dinangat village has resisted Bible teaching, but seven families are asking for teachers, and the Dinangat Bible teachers “are all sensing God leading us to get over there and bring the Truth,”

When the lid was taken off, a foul stench filled the air...

Seven other Bible translators are watching and learning from everything Ralf Schlegel goes through.

Praise God for the testimony of a young Dinangat mother: “A few months ago my 9-month-old daughter passed away. It was very hard. Some of my family were very upset and blamed me.

Ralf Schlegel and four Dinangats who are working with him on Bible translation recently spent time with a missionary experienced and trained in translation and got a good report on their progress.

A tense situation was diffused when Dinangat believers gave testimony of what Christ has done in their lives.

Boringke sat cross-legged basking in the cool of the hovering dawn.

The crowd on the hillside clicked their tongues and whispered excitedly.

The Dinangat people were "blown away" when they saw the big picture standing in front of them.

Dinangat believers want to teach there, and some want to hear, but village leaders say no.

Several Dinangats have responded to the Gospel and placed their faith in Christ. Twenty three in one village were recently baptized.

“The Bible teachers decided that since Easter is about the physical resurrection of Christ, then a very appropriate way to celebrate was to demonstrate our union with him through baptism,” wrote missionaries Gary and Esther Smith. Praise God.

A village leader, prompted by the Word of God, decides to burn his “magical items.”

Believers in one village are studying Ephesians while a group in another village is finishing Acts.

"My sin was like the cloth wrapped around Lazarus in his tomb..."

Dinangats discover from God's Word that they were mixing up new ways and old.

"All men are gods..."

Even in pain and agony, a dying Dinangat woman looked to God in hope.