Dinangat People Group News

For Ralf and Elli Schlegel being separated from their two oldest girls, Naomi and Rebekka, was probably the hardest thing they have ever done in their lives.

The Schlegel family continue to serve among the Dinangat people of Papua New Guinea.

The Schlegels plan to return to the Dinangat this summer.

Jeremiah and April Markley had the opportunity to see up-close the difference it makes to have a hope anchored in Christ.

The Dinangat church is growing-- not only in numbers, but through opportunities to reach out to others with the love of Christ.

There was a unanimous response in the little village where Dinangat Bible teachers presented the gospel.

In the tragic wake of illness and death, God’s grace has opportunity to shine.

A Dinangat man began sobbing as Gary Smith taught about Jonah.

An outreach hike is packed with dangers ... and with God’s mercies.

For the Dinangat church, God is stepping up His work of grace in growth and transformation.

Recent landslides have provided new opportunities to depend upon God as a refuge.

A missionary's heart is blessed by the shining testimony of her Dinangat friend.

Biblical transformation is coming to Dinangat marriages, but prayer is needed.

Missionaries Gary and Esther Smith have very different jobs from most people, in a place many would find alien, yet they're still people who need to remember to trust.

Meet the folks who minister to the Dinangat people as church planters.

It is a green, wooded place. Lofty mountains surround and nestle the little village that enjoys sunshine and spring-like weather all year. Access to this beautiful place is by aircraft only. One day, in 2002, God flew some strangers in for a visit.

Believers are growing, and both learning and teaching Firm Foundations Bible lessons.

A Dinangat Bible teacher is severely wounded and able to see God's Hand in it all.

Many Dinangats had been dabbling in sorcery, but repented after the sin was made clear.

Missionary Jeremiah Markley is praising God for His faithful work in tribal lives.