Dao People Group News

Just after seeing God work in hearts to bring forth more Dao believers, a Dao Bible teacher and his wife lose their only daughter to an illness.

Missionary Scott Phillips didn't know how to explain a biblical concept to the Dao Bible teachers, but the Holy Spirit did the teaching.

Daapooi has returned to teach God's Word in the Dao village where his friend and fellow evangelist, Wikipai, contracted a fatal illness.

Paatoma discovered the truth of God's Word in his brother's death, and now wants to take his place as a Bible teacher.

Many unsaved Daos came to find out how they can meet Jesus.

Dao believers have been amazed at what Jesus already did for them. Now they are astonished at what he is doing for them.

What God asked of Moipi was big, and she had some very big fears. On top of that, it turned out her fears were very real.

Wikipai never fully recovered from an illness that appeared as he taught in another village.

The Dao believer's older brother threatened to beat him and shoot him with an arrow.

Wikipai seemed near death in the distant village where he was sharing God's Word.

The Dao church is behind the two men and their families as they share God's Word.

Missionaries Scott and Jennie Phillips prepare to teach Dao believers how to bring God's Word to other villages.

Wikipai and Daapoi are teaching as many as they can.

Wikipai, a Dao Bible teacher, turned to God instead of the witchdoctor during a recent illness.

A crippling knee injury has a Dao man, Wusimpa, giving up hope, but a friend brought encouragement.

A Dao believer, Yusupi, no longer closes his door at night. He now knows that God's power is greater than the evil spirits he once feared.

Dao believers want to do more to praise God so they are inventing their own stringed instruments.

A letter from another area requests that the Dao Bible teachers and missionaries bring them the Creator's message.