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The Moi Bible teachers are through the third week of evangelistic Bible lessons.

The Wano people are seeing that God really is great as they listen to Bible lessons.

Rachel Searcy is sharing evangelistic Bible lessons with Punan women and working on Acts in Punan.

Despite a recent murder, the Moi people gathered for the first day of another round of evangelistic Bible teaching.

Missionaries were not allowed to keep treating a 3-year-old Arimtap boy who has malaria.

While on home assignment, Scott and Jennie Phillips wondered how their Dao friends were doing and how they could send a letter to such an isolated village. They found a way.

Returning to a remote village, Dave and Melissa Williamson found they needed a refresher course in language and many items needed to be fixed.

Missionary Paul Gervasi is also translating Scripture, preparing lessons and teaching.

Dao believers are eager for help with evangelism and discipleship.

The boat he uses to get around and share God's Word sank, but no one aboard was killed.

New aircraft will ease some of the burden the aviation team faces.

Santa Claus is coming to Bible teaching. The 10-year-old Sekadau boy is learning about the One who really does know if you've been bad or good.

Just after seeing God work in hearts to bring forth more Dao believers, a Dao Bible teacher and his wife lose their only daughter to an illness.

Missionary Scott Phillips didn't know how to explain a biblical concept to the Dao Bible teachers, but the Holy Spirit did the teaching.

Five Moi men are training to take over medical work among their people.

Steve Crockett has already lost one saw, and he wasn't about to loan out the other.

The Moi believer has a long road to full recovery ahead, but is improving after malaria.

Daapooi has returned to teach God's Word in the Dao village where his friend and fellow evangelist, Wikipai, contracted a fatal illness.

Bababo may have cerebral malaria, and the care of her fellow believers has been "selfless."

Paatoma discovered the truth of God's Word in his brother's death, and now wants to take his place as a Bible teacher.

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