Current News

John and Sarah Kennedy and family are back in Southeast Asia starting another school year.

Richard and Wendy Rees with Megan, Caleb, Rachel and Karis have now been living at their new location for a year.

Updates from the work among the Nahuatl of Las Moras, Mexico.

Today, Eveline Compton is starting the new school year.

Teaching the law to legalists.

Graham and Carol Townley continue to serve at North Cotes College.

Dave and Emma Moore with Joshua have their flights booked and ready to go!

God continues to work in amazing ways among the Kankana-ey believers.

Andrew and Eliza Keyser with Judah, Gloria and Josephin thank the Lord for their safe return to Senegal.

Paul and Susan Boothby are now able to make plans to take a short trip back to Papua New Guinea.

Jan and Doortje Groenveld thank the Lord that He is building His church.

Steve and Moira Poulson spent a pleasant two months in Norway and the UK and are now back in Senegal.

Jim Finnamore may be 'retired' but he is learning a new job in a new office.  

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach are grateful for the help of the family that is visiting them.

Continuing to serve by His grace among the Loron in West Africa.

Steve and Gerdine Stanley are expecting a little one and they are “pretty excited”.

New school year begins at Numonohi Christian Academy in the Highlands of PNG.

Stephan and Sandra Hunziker with Benaja, Sophia and Emily recently returned from visiting the Karen people group.

Continuing to prepare to share the Gospel.

Rebecca Preheim has the all-clear for returning to Papua New Guinea.

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