Budik People Group News

Ken Satorius, in Senegal to check translation of Scripture and Bible lessons in Buduk, hurt his arm and hip when he slipped off the tailgate of a truck.

2011-10-03 | Prayer, Senegal, Budik People

Ken Satorius is visiting Senegal to check and correct Bible translation and teaching materials with Budik believers.

2011-08-29 | Senegal, Prayer, Budik People

Ken Satorius has revised Hebrews and Philemon in the Budik language, and is trying to finish revising James by mid-August.

2011-07-18 | Budik People, Senegal, Prayer

This is the time of year when the Budiks work all day every day in their hot, dusty fields.

2011-06-08 | Prayer, Senegal, Budik People

Would the crops mature?

Ken Satorius is wrapping up his work checking Bible translation and lessons with Budik believers. He will soon return to the USA and make revisions. Pray that the revised scriptures and lessons are clear to the Budiks.

2011-04-06 | Senegal, Budik People, Prayer

Ken Satorius is checking the translation of the book of Revelation with Budik believers. He's also working through Bible lessons from the book with them, to ensure that they are clear.

2011-03-16 | Senegal, Prayer, Budik People

Steve and Jessica Bastow have served more than 30 years in Senegal.

Budik believers are impacting the surrounding community by their daily lives.

Missionary Ken Satorius will travel to Senegal to check his translation work.

The Budik people are reaching the Bassari people with the great news of the Gospel.

Many Budiks take rituals for a good harvest very seriously.

Several Budik homes and much inside them were destroyed.