On Wednesday, March 14, the Guarayo people of Bolivia began to hear the chronological Bible lessons. Read Full Story
Please pray for more labourers for the field of Bolivia. Positions need to be filled as needs are going unmet or are taxing current field members. Read Full Story
The staff at the missionary training centre in Bolivia and the presenters had been working for months in preparation for the workshop. Read Full Story
Jonathan and Rachel have been looking into buying a house in England to use as a base for their family. This would enable them to travel overseas to Latin America for two to three months at a time to and also be able to help out at North Cotes College missionary training centre when they are back in the UK.  Read Full Story
Jack and Nel Nugter have been enjoying spending time with family as they continue with their ministry in Bolivia before returning to Europe. Read Full Story
Jack and Nel  Nugter were recently invited to a mission conference. This was the second time that they had attended the church where it was held. Jack was scheduled to speak for six sermons / teaching sessions. Read Full Story
Last weekend the Lord opened two doors in Cochabamba, Bolivia so that Jack and Nel Nugter could share God’s Word.  Read Full Story
Jack and Nel Nugter were impacted when they saw a memorial to NTM missionaries. Read Full Story
Last weekend Jack Nugter was present at a mission weekend. This time he didn’t go with Nel but with their Bolivian co-worker David Copy. Read Full Story
Jack and Nel continue to be encouraged by the interest the churches in Bolivia have shown towards missions. Read Full Story
Mike and Cher Riepma say that it is hard to be torn away from a church fellowship un the USA where their souls were fed “through great Bible teaching and fellowship.” Especially since it means returning ot hardships and difficulty in their ministry in a remote village. But they are motivated by seeing the need and seeing God at work on that need. Pray for strength and encouragement for Mike and Cher. Read Full Story
Jack and Nel Nugter recently had the privilege to share about missions at a mission weekend in the city of Sucre. The mission weekend took place all day Saturday and Sunday. Read Full Story

Mike and Cher Riepma are concerned by the number of young Ese Ejja men who have turned away from the Bible teaching they heard as children. Yet they know God is in control and the truth will prevail. Pray for encouragement for the Riepmas, and pray that God puts the young men in situations that remind them of His truth and goodness.

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Recently Jack and Nel Nugter attended the first three day national transcultural mission’s meeting. They were able to witness God’s work among different ethnic groups in Bolivia, which made the days very special. Read Full Story
Jack and Nel Nugter look back with thankfulness at the wedding day of their daughter Nadina and Joe Vlasman.  Read Full Story
Recently Jack and Nel Nugter did an evaluation of their ministry in Bolivia and found out that living in Santa Cruz isn’t the best place strategically. If they lived in Cochabamba, they would find travelling easier and cheaper. Read Full Story

Recently Jack and Nel Nugter organised a teaching day about cross cultural missions in a city in Bolivia.

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Nineteen Ese Ejja first-graders are learning to read and write in their own language in a class taught by Cher Riepma and her daughter Melissa. The children were struggling with their lessons, and not interested in going to class, when the courses were in Spanish. But they are eating up lessons in their own language. Praise the Lord, and pray that their enthusiasm continues. Read Full Story

New Tribes Mission has helped a local church in a small community in Bolivia, Iglesia Biblica Misionera, send missionaries to the Yucare people. Pray that this helps ignite a passion among Bolivian churches to reach unreached people groups, and demonstrates to them and others that they can have a key role.

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Please pray for Nathan and Kaylee Kelm as they are focusing on future ministry to the Guarayo people of Bolivia. Pray for Nathan's ministry trip to visit three Guarayo villages and gain more personal understanding of their future ministry. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of the Guarayo people to hear His Word and receive the joyous news of the Gospel. Read Full Story