Balanta People Group News

I only knew the worship and fear of ancestral spirits.

All of the women went to their rice-fields barefoot...

Do you wonder who is going to die when you hear an owl hoot?

Woman and girls waited anxiously for the Kankuran ceremony to begin.

Satou was dying.

I only knew the worship and fear of ancestral spirits.

Alexi and Sana have been a great help in moving toward a draft of Ephesians in Balanta. Pray that the draft can be completed soon and checked.

A Balanta woman is fearing for her life after some of the clothing she had been wearing was stolen.

The Balanta woman placed her faith in Christ, so her daughters told ancestor worshipers their service was not needed.

Each tribe that Charles and Heather Badiane visited challenged them all the more to have a part in planting a church in a tribe.

Balanta language helpers work with missionary Susan Logsdon to translate the book of Romans.

A Balanta believer in Senegal said the death of Joey Rabe several years ago was a seed for the Balanta church.

Guest spot on radio program gives Dave McKee an opportunity to share God's Word.