Badyaranke People Group News

Liv Poulsen’s return to Senegal has been delayed as she cares for her mother.

The Badyaranke people will soon hear Firm Foundations Bible lessons.

Penny Warner checked Liv Poulsen’s work last month and gave her the go-ahead to continue on Bible translation.

This month, Penny Warner will check the translation of Ruth and the story of Joseph that Liv Poulsen and her Badyaranke co-workers have prepared.

The missionary team is preparing Bible lessons and hopes to soon start evangelistic Bible teaching.

Liv needs to find a Badyaranke co-worker.

God has provided a new, very good language co-worker for Liv Poulsen as they translate part of Genesis.

Liv Poulsen is translating the story of Joseph, Genesis 37-46, into the Badyaranke language. Pray for clarity and wisdom, and that the Badyarankes working with her will ensure that it reads well and makes sense.

Four more people have learned to read and write in Badyaranke, and missionary Liv Poulsen has found Badyarankes to work with her on Scripture translation. Thank you for praying.

Nine Badyarankes are serving as teachers and helpers for the literacy course. Pray that they stay encouraged, and that the Badyarankes continue to show interest in learning to read and their own language.

Teaching literacy is an important step toward planting a church among the people group in Senegal.

Liv Poulsen and Rebecca Stottlemyer are thankful for the help that has allowed them to keep building relationships among the Badyaranke people.