Ayore People Group News

Continuing to serve by His grace among the Loron in West Africa.

New school year begins at Numonohi Christian Academy in the Highlands of PNG.

Steve and Gerdine Stanley are expecting a little one and they are “pretty excited”.

Continuing to prepare to share the Gospel.

Stephan and Sandra Hunziker with Benaja, Sophia and Emily recently returned from visiting the Karen people group.

Rebecca Preheim has the all-clear for returning to Papua New Guinea.

Translating training materials from English to French.

Thank you for praying for the drilling of Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo’s well.

David and Christine Baxter serve at NTM's school for missionary kids in Mexico.

Maturity in the Mibu church.

North Cotes College graduation ceremony will take place this evening 20th July.

David and Chris Price were very grateful to be able to have a wonderful break in Singapore at the end of May/beginning of June, made possible by an anonymous donor.

Spreading the Gospel amongst the North Wahgi people and beyond.

Reaching young people for the Gospel.

2017-07-15 | Prayer, Current News

Team time in the village is coming to a close.

Regina Kowert continues to learn about the culture in West Africa

The first part of the year was very busy for Peter Hansen.

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach have returned to their village in Liberia.

Three different dialects within the same people group.

Toward the end of the dry season, the Rees family had a few weeks where there was not enough water to run the turbine powered electric power plant.