Ayore People Group News

Missionaries will hike through the mountains of Papua New Guinea next week to visit several Abasakur villages as they seek a place to begin ministry.

Missionaries are preparing lessons and hoping the situation will resolve soon.

Families are moving closer to attend literacy classes so they can read Bible lessons and the Scriptures in their own language.

After weeks of Bible teaching lessons, this week moved into the New Testament and toward the message of Salvation.

Missionaries Cori Gervasi and Naomi Christenson prepare to minister among the Sekadau people.

The Yagarias thanked God for a revised Bible in their language.

God gets praise from our excitement over what He has done and who He is.

The Palaka people came up with their own way to praise God.

A lot could have kept the Siawis from obeying the Lord in baptism.

Translation insights provide a key term to teach the Guahibos about praise.

Knowing Jesus has changed everything for the Yagaria people.

An injury has interrupted the translation of the New Testament for the Simbaris in Papua New Guinea.

The Patpatar people buried Cecelia last week after hearing the story of the bronze serpent.

Missionaries and Tobo believers translate Romans into the Tobo language.

A letter from another area requests that the Dao Bible teachers and missionaries bring them the Creator's message.

Believers from various tribes came together with missionaries for a translation workshop and noted that though they have different culture and language they have the same relationship with Christ.

Landuma believers in Guinea are working together to provide low-interest loans to prevent starvation and indebtedness.

The Mwinka woman dying without Christ brings pain to a missionary's heart.

Dinangat believers in Papua New Guinea are saddened by the death of 9-year-old Max but rejoice that he is with Jesus.

A majority of a Jalunga village in Senegal didn't accept God's Word but there are still some reasons to hope.