Ayore People Group News

Missionaries Tom Brendle and Jason Swanson are taking time to answer believers' questions and have begun training men to teach God's Truth.

Bena Bena believers were an answer to Tumun's prayer as they came together to plant the sick woman's garden.

Completed copies of the New Testament are given to Wana believers.

Learning a new language can be frustrating -- and comical -- as missionary aircraft mechanic Bryan Abbott is finding out.

Learning that they share beliefs, Yembiyembis and Bagwidos bond in Papua New Guinea

A Patpatar woman from Papua New Guinea is close to death, but thanks to the Gospel, she is near to Jesus.

Yembiyembi believers partake of communion despite others "throwing stones" at them.

Believers in Papua New Guinea rejoice in opportunities to share their faith.

Yembiyembi believers are growing in their relationship to Christ and taking steps to encourage their relationship to each other.

The way tuberculosis attacks has a lot in common with our unseen Enemy. This is not a happy story. It's a real story.

Poul Joensen left the UK at the end of September for a six week trip to PNG.