Ayore People Group News

Yembiyembi believers in Papua New Guinea stand strong when opposition turns violent.

Tribal believers are learning lessons from Romans and some are taking a bigger role in translating Scripture.

Some Landuma people in Guinea hope that their grain bank not only makes hunger a thing of the past but will help their overall economic situation.

A Bagwido grandmother's fervent prayer is answered as she cares for a sick grandchild.

Accurate translation is tricky work, so a missionary and his Landuma co-worker joined others in a translation workshop.

The Patpatar people of Papua New Guinea heard the Gospel last week and some are speaking up about how they are in agreement with what they've heard.

Some of the Jalunga people in Senegal rejected the Gospel message, so missionaries are seeking God's plan for the future.

Four Lolo men in Mozambique are no longer trusting in their good works for salvation but have placed their faith in Christ.

A group of Patpatars in Papua New Guinea have faithfully attended evangelistic Bible lessons and now they hear the conclusion.

Ping and Heidi Leong had steady electricity while studying culture and language in the city, but they're finding village life much different.

Yembiyembis in Papua New Guinea bravely proclaim their belief in Christ through baptism.

Literacy centers will soon open in two more Loron villages in Ivory Coast, giving people the opportunity to learn to read and write their own language.

Two Lauje men are enjoying the Bible so much that they don't want to stop helping check the translation.

After many meetings and talks to sort out problems, the Sekadau church is fellowshipping again.

The Patpatar people of Papua New Guinea are learning that while they know a lot, they don't know everything.

Believers reach out in a tangible way to starving neighbors.

Dao believers want to do more to praise God so they are inventing their own stringed instruments.

A group of Hamtai men in Papua New Guinea have committed themselves to finish the revision of the Hamtai New Testament.

The Patpatars of Papua New Guinea are starting to acknowledge their affliction -- sin -- and their need of a doctor.

Lolos in Mozambique are finding out that their former thinking was wrong.