Ayore People Group News

Sad and disappointing news was exchanged as an Elseng man visited missionaries last week.

Alfred and Belinda Paetzold are 'stunned' at the way God is supplying for their church-planting ministry among the Yao people of Mozambique

The Moi man gave up the first time he tried to learn to read and write, but recently completed the course.

In spite of being beaten for listening to God's Word, a Mengen woman in Papua New Guinea wants to hear His Truth.

The Patpatar church in one village is helping with Bible teaching in another village.

"I want to hear God's story from the Bible," one student says.

Missionaries are learning stories about how the Akolet people of Papua New Guinea started their clans.

Landuma Christians in Guinea are helping each other build a house when other Landumas refuse to help.

Teaching twice a day to an eager group of Mengen people in Papua New Guinea has missionary Dave Wright looking for creative ways to save his voice.

Yembiyembi believers in Papua New Guinea are excited about what Heaven will be like.

Missionary pilot Jim Stewart and his wife, Kris, took on other duties to help with a recent translation workshop.

2009-02-16 | Mission News, Prayer, Senegal

Missionaries among the Saluan people are helping speed the process of Bible translation.

Baptisms, birthdays, and unexpected maintenance make pilot's life interesting.

The Mengen people of Papua New Guinea have another chance to hear evangelistic Bible lessons, and the Mengen men helping are already being impacted.

Missionaries Andrew and Cathy Goud are laboring to translate more Scripture for the people.

While on home assignment, missionaries Jim and Judy Burdett keep up on news from Papua New Guinea and work on Bible translation.

Missionaries are looking forward to workshops that will help them teach the Siars about the true God.

Audrey DeJager visited several villages in Senegal where she ministered for more than 20 years.

2009-02-11 | Senegal

Missionary Carolyn Crockett takes a Moi mother and baby to "town" for medical help and has some interesting experiences.

Much was accomplished during January's month-long session for the Hamtai translation team in Papua New Guinea, despite a series of interruptions.