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Believing and non-believing Abau people alike are moving forward in learning more about God.

Missionary pilot Daren Spence and his family started off the New Year with the Punan people of the Asia-Pacific region.

After leaving the Siawis in Papua New Guinea to devote more time to helping other missionaries with their Bible translation work; Linda Krieg now finds her path leading back.

2009-01-16 | Papua New Guinea

One Inanbimali village in Papua New Guinea was hungry for God's Word last week when two believers shared the Creation story.

2009-01-15 | Papua New Guinea

Missionaries beginning ministry among the Konyagui people of Guinea look to God for wisdom.

2009-01-13 | Guinea

Though Audrey Dejager has a new ministry, the Jalunga people still consider her one of them.

2009-01-12 | Senegal

Missionary pilot Paul Wilhelmson waited at the closest airport while a missionary family made an 11-hour trip to meet him.

The Bena Bena woman in Papua New Guinea demonstrated a different way of dying to those who watched.

2009-01-09 | Papua New Guinea

Military takeover after president's death appears to be widely seen as a good thing inside the country.

2008-12-30 | Guinea, Prayer, Mission News

The God of the Bible is foreign to this Tobo man, who is helping missionaries learn his culture and language.

Guest spot on radio program gives Dave McKee an opportunity to share God's Word.

Many in Papua New Guinea now have a clear understanding why Christ came to earth.

Missionaries take precautions amid concerns about who will succeed him and how orderly the transition will be.

2008-12-23 | Guinea, Prayer, Mission News

Cessna means Senegal can continue to have air support.

2008-12-22 | Mission News, Prayer, Senegal

Many place their faith in Christ after Hewa teachers, Yanis and Ken, present God's Word in Papua New Guinea.

Kips and Tingon were able to help with Bible translation because of God's answers.

The Lolo people of Mozambique don't normally congregate, so they have listened to and are now responding to the evangelistic Bible lessons on MP3.

After being told of their biblical responsibilities, the men are stepping forward and learning to read in Papua New Guinea.

An outreach to Semandang children needs more teachers since attendance has grown to 170.

Moses and his wife, Rhondi, placed their faith in Christ after hearing the final evangelistic Bible lesson this month in Papua New Guinea.