Men from the various tribal churches gathered recently to discuss together and deepen their understanding of the lessons learned in the Phase I teaching. Read Full Story
They are still settling in on the mission base. Their Christmas celebration was low key as they were focusing more on finally giving Louis a schedule.  Read Full Story
Lourens and Marie Laureti stepped out of our bush location for a ‘short period’ with the purpose of helping at their support centre and region. Read Full Story

David Ogg has spent the past two months doing a comprehension check on over 4,000 verses with two Simbari Bible teachers.

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NTM-Aviation (the flight programme of NTM) in PNG had a few medical evacuations just recently.

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The believers loved to hear the Word and were blessed as Jack taught on the Coming King! They are so excited about heaven and seeing Jesus! Jack and Isa’s hearts were so encouraged by them.

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Sasch and Charissa Schwendich are very thankful for the time they spent in the USA, and had a blessed time with their family and friends.  Read Full Story
Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen are very excited to be able to share with you that one of the Kankana-ey Bible teachers is in the village where they ministered with the goal of teaching the Phase One lessons for a month.  Read Full Story
Jim and Judy Burdett’s ministry has seen some setbacks this year due to many unforeseen events out of their control but certainly in God’s. Read Full Story
But first Geoff and Shannon want to thank everyone who makes their ministry in the remote Mibu tribe possible through prayer and giving. Read Full Story
Recently Paul and Susan Boothby were able to make a short trip back to PNG to encourage and strengthen the believers. Read Full Story
Jeremiah and April with Jordan, Judah and Alayna attended the annual conference in October, where all of the church planting missionaries in their area come out of their tribes to get together for mutual encouragement and refreshment, share reports, and worship together.  Read Full Story
Philip and Natalie are thankful to God for their son, Louis. He is already very energetic. They enjoy him; however, Louis has a few health challenges that has been especially wearying for Natalie. It has shown them yet again that their dependency must be on God. Read Full Story
Recently Aaron and Lori Luse asked for prayer regarding the conference that was to take place in Patpatar, PNG, hosting churches from five tribes. Read Full Story
Simon and Annika plan to work with the Mengen church and assist them in any way they can. There is much to prepare to move their family to PNG. They need to book tickets, process visas, upgrade their tribal house and solar electric system, to name a few things. Read Full Story

The rice harvest is almost done, the monsoon has arrived, school is out for a bit, the lesson material is ready and Jared and Bana Major trust that it is the right time to start teaching in Ilocano.

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The conference will look different there, but there will be a fellowship of believers encouraging each other and worshiping their Creator in the common trade language of Papua New Guinea. There will be Bible teaching, praying, and testimonies. Read Full Story
The translation check went very well and they are very encouraged! Once a few little changes are made eight more of Paul’s letters will be ready to be printed for the Dinangat churches! This is a big deal for Ralf and Elli, and they thank God who alone is the one who gives them the strength, endurance and wisdom for the work of translating His Word. Read Full Story

Becky’s first few weeks were spent with four translation helpers at Hoskins and they were able to cover a lot of ground in a short time.

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Steve and Gerdine are wrapping up their responsibilities packing stuff and cleaning the house before they leave Papua New Guinea in just under two weeks’ time.  Read Full Story