Volunteer Testimonies

POSTED ON 2015-11-11


Coming to North Cotes to volunteer for a year was truly a blessing. It was a great opportunity to develop and offer my skills yet at the same time to be surrounded by people with a passion for God and His Word. I am so thankful for the people that I met during the year. Those happy memories we built will stay with me. There were many opportunities throughout the year to be a part of life on campus and not just working! 😊 I was involved in the ministry opportunities, spent time with the students in the evenings and went with them on trips away in the half term breaks. One thing that God really impressed on my heart was the importance of trusting in Him even when things do not go according to our own plans, as He is in control.



It has been encouraging to use and develop my professional skills as a graphic designer and also to work in a totally different department, the Nursery, where I was looking after 0-2 year olds. I am thankful for this privilege of spending five mornings a week with these little ones, helping them learn and seeing them grow. I have also learnt a lot more about caring for very young children, which will be useful later on in life. It was also nice to live and work together with people from different countries and I've learnt a lot. I would encourage others to take a year off to volunteer their time and help where help is needed and to broaden their own horizons. What you learn and experience at an international place like North Cotes is very unique.

Charis, Volunteer in Nursery and Publications Department

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