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POSTED ON 2015-11-11
  by Gemma Maxwell

Today has been unforgettable.

I came to PNG to be part of a team. A team serving together so that the good news of what Christ has done can be shared.

Today was an opportunity to visit a tribal area where the Gospel has gone.

Out on a mountain ridge, surrounded by jungle and rugged mountains, a people group with their own language and no written format were living. They wrote letters, and hiked miles, to invite missionaries to come and teach the truth of God's Word. Missionaries came, taking time to learn the language and culture so that the Gospel could be shared.

Today I was able to meet Bible teachers, and hear testimonies of what God has done. It was amazing to meet missionaries and hear of how God has enabled them.

With my heart in my mouth I also experienced a vital part of missionary work in this country, as a skilful pilot navigated a Cessna 206 onto a tiny airstrip after circling like a hawk around the mountain ridges!

To God be the glory, great things He hath done! 

Gemma Maxwell
Associate member of NTM, teaching at a mission school in PNG.

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