Akolet People Group News

One of the oldest villagers, Aiglas, came forward.

Believers are sharing with others, gathering together, learning and writing praise songs.

Believers shed tears of joy as they tell others what God has done for them.

Missionaries decided to share a key lesson earlier when domestic disturbances threatened to disrupt teaching.

Opposition is building as the Akolets draw closer to the final evangelistic Bible teaching session.

Acts inspires the new Akolet believer to look out for others.

“Did anyone else put it all together?” asked Lonsi and Samam. “It’s just so clear.”

Two Akolets who are helping translate the Bible get a head-start on salvation.

The Akolet people learn not only what the Law says, but why God gave it.

An Akolet village is getting the opportunity to hear Bible lessons.

The Akolet woman in her 80s is listening to evangelistic Bible lessons.

The Akolet man is putting the pieces together as he hears lessons from God's Word.

Adam and Julie Martin announce an important Bible lesson in a traditional Akolet fashion.

Evangelistic Bible lessons are making sense to Lonsi and Samam.

The Akolet village chief, after hearing about Creation, doesn't know whether the old remedies are right.

After hearing the story of Creation, an Akolet woman said, "We've never heard anything like this before."

The Akolet people listened attentively as missionary Adam Martin began teaching the first Bible lessons.

Missionaries emphasize that the teaching the Akolets will hear beginning in January will put it all together.

The Akolets learn the value and importance of written messages as the time for Bible lessons approaches.

Evangelistic Bible teaching will take place Tuesday through Saturday starting in January, village leaders determined.