The following reports are from people on our team to the Philippines in 2014. 

Willi Wiens (Germany)

This summer (2014) I spent 3 weeks in the Philippines. It was awesome to live with my siblings in the Lord from different countires - Philippines, Netherlands, Germany, Northern Ireland, England, Australia and Canada. The saddest thing i experiened on my trip was that I must leave people I had come to love and I'm not sure if I will see them in heaven or on earth again. 

Summit Trip

Anna Collins (Northern Ireland)

My experience in the Philippines was one of blessing and adventure. I learned many things but mostly how important it is that the gospel continues to be spread across the world by faithful servants. So many people have still not heard and it is our duty to tell them. There were challenges; the hard work in the heat, the mosquitos and the language barriers, but I greatly benefited from those challenges. I was able to experience true mission life, from the language learning to the building of a home, building relationships with the tribe and teaching the precious word of God. I am so thankful for the experience and will treasure the memories. 

Summit Trip