Colombia Prayer

Jonathan finished teaching classes at the missionary institute in Fusagasugá last week. Read Full Story

Whilst Stephen, Helena, Ashley, Amy, and Grace Brown are on home assignment in the USA, Helena sensed that it would be good to visit their friends, Colombian missionaries, who are training Mexicans to be cross-cultural church planters.

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A friend recently wrote to David and Chris Brown and asked, “Are you affected by the avalanche in Colombia?” Read Full Story
Stephen and Helena with Ashley, Amy, and Grace are currently on home assignment in the UK. Read Full Story
David thanks the Lord for the great privilege He has given him to teach His Word. He prays that God would teach through him in a clear way, and that He would open the student’s eyes of understanding. Read Full Story
David and Chris marvel at the Lord’s goodness and are seeing how He is using them as they settle into their new home. Read Full Story
The Lord used the delay of moving into their new home and David and Chris helped out in many different ways at the training centre at the beginning of term when staff were unable to arrive on time. Read Full Story
After Christmas, Jonathan and Rachel Willcock only just got back to their various normal ministries at NTM-UK, North Cotes before Jonathan started to prepare for his next trip overseas. Read Full Story
The NTM training programme for nationals in Colombia held an August retreat in order to challenge folks to reach the world and it went really well. There were 43 campers, and all seemed to be serious about walking with the Lord. Many expressed a desire to serve the Lord, and some to come and prepare for missions with at the training centre. Pray that the Lord would bring in students for next year. There are already some who have shown interest. Read Full Story
Ricardo and Sonia Madero write, “The Cubeos need to learn to read and write in their own language so that they can read the Scriptures in their own language too.” Thank the Lord with us for a program that is helping speed the process of developing materials to teach the Cubeos. Read Full Story

Missionaries Andy and Chrissy Shaub never anticipated all the culture and language they would be able to gain an understanding of as they prepared for a Bible conference for the Awa people. Please pray for them as they make disciples among the Awas.

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Guanano believer Gustavo and missionary Barry Spor are working together on lessons from Romans—even though they are thousands of miles apart. Thank God for technology that enables them to collaborate. Pray that the lessons are soon complete, and have great impact on the Guanano church. Read Full Story

This summer missionaries Barry and Denise Spor will be returning to their ministry and are considering travelling six days upriver to the village where they first taught the gospel. Pray for the village upriver. They have not had a spiritual influence for a long time. Pray that God will tenderize and prepare their hearts to listen to Barry as he teaches lessons hoping to draw these believers closer to Christ.


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Missionaries Wes Goddard and his cousin Mark recently helped teach a group of new Angaite believers. Pray that Wes will continue to be used in teaching and establishing tribal believers. Pray too for Mark and Odie Goddard as they minister among the Angaite and Pai Tavy Tera peoples. Read Full Story