Jan and Doorje Groenveld ask for prayer that the roads would be good enough for them to get the drilling rig to the Komono village and that they would find a suitable water source.

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Jan and Doortje minister to the Komono people in Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso itinerantly from The Netherlands. Read Full Story
Jan and Doortje thank the Lord for the time that they were able to spend recently with Komono people and believers. Read Full Story
Pray for unity among the Komono believers, so that they will function as the body of Christ in their environment and for the Holy Spirit to work in their lives to produce growth and multiplication. Read Full Story
Paul and Marina Briggs are encouraged to see new works being opened in West Africa. Read Full Story

Susie Locklin has long heard stories of the hardships and persecution faced by new believers. Only now, these are not just stories of people in faraway lands. They're the stories of her friends and neighbours. Pray for strength for these believers, and for wisdom for Susie as she encourages them.

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Daniel and Stephanie Dias have arrived in Mali to gather more information about church planting needs in the area, after a trip of “two days, 500 miles, and three flat tires.” Thank the Lord for their safe arrival. Pray that they are able to find out what they need to in order to evaluate possible ministries. Read Full Story
Cell phones have become cheap and widely available in Africa, and most can accommodate tiny memory cards. So Paul and Marina Briggs are loading cards with audio files of Loron Scripture and teaching materials, and working toward getting all 85 Loron Firm Foundations Bible lessons into MP3 format for the cards. Pray that God uses this to spread His Word among the Loron people. Read Full Story
This month, three men will be appointed as elders of the Loron church. Please pray for Joel, Donald and Moses as they take responsibility to lead. Read Full Story
Because of strife in Ivory Coast, Paul and Marina Briggs have been living in Burkina Faso and ministering to the Loron people. Now they are considering returning to Ivory Coast. Pray that God leads them to the right decision. Read Full Story
Thank you for praying for Daniel Dias’ trip through Burkina Faso to gather information on people groups that may want missionaries to come and share God’s Word with them. He and others were able to visit many villages. Read Full Story
Daniel Dias is on a three-week trip to gather information on six people groups in Burkina Faso, in order to evaluate the possibilities of beginning church-planting ministries. He’ll be traveling through three countries. Pray for good weather, good roads and good border crossings, but most of all, pray that he will find people receptive to helping them with their evaluations. Read Full Story
Aaron Hefner is currently teaching evangelistic Bible lessons to five men. Please pray that they will understand and receive God's Truth. Read Full Story