The NTM Netherlands team are looking for workers, sponsors and those who will pray. Read Full Story
Fernando and Tabitha Da Silva with Daniel and Eliana moved to the mission school in Brazil during March this year. Read Full Story
For Fernando and Tabitha 2017 soon started with an amazing change when on the 5th of January, Eliana was born into their family! Read Full Story
When Fernando and Tabitha da Silva went to Mozambique in 2010 they did so, expecting it to be for the long-term.  Read Full Story

Barbara moved to Manaus in October 2015 and was able to get to know NTM Brazil’s field leadership (for the eastern area), the support team and quite a lot of the missionaries.

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Time has flown past and Ruben Pape can hardly believe that he has just under three weeks to go until he travels home from Brazil, God willing. Read Full Story
Ruben Pape is thankful for prayer. Over the past few weeks at the school in Brazil they have seen a lot of prayers answered. Read Full Story
Last year Ruben went on a Vision trip to Brazil and has now returned to the mission school in Brazil as an Associate for five months. A third of the time has gone already.  Read Full Story
God has been so faithful, and Barbara would like to share what He has done in her life in the past nine months. Read Full Story
Looking back over the past year, Tim and Lynsey Johnston can recall many miraculous and specific prayers the Lord has answered, assuring them of His continued faithfulness. Read Full Story
Norman and Angela McCready, NTM-UK Summit Co-ordinators, are looking forward to seeing how God will work in the hearts of all those He has brought together to go on this year’s trips. Read Full Story
Tim and Lynsey Johnston are thankful for prayers and messages as they travelled; they really needed and appreciated them! Read Full Story
Tim and Lynsey Johnston have spent several months centring their plans on successfully obtaining a missionary visa and looking back they are still amazed at how the Lord brought everything together at the right time. Now that they have the visas in hand, everything is moving very quickly! Read Full Story
Barbara Wiesinger is in Vianópolis where the NCLA programme is connected with the missionary training centre. Though separate, both programmes profit a lot from each other. The day after her arrival, the students at the missionary training centre had their graduation. That first weekend was full of cultural events. Fortunately Barbara already understands quite a bit due to her time as an associate in Brazil. Read Full Story
When Tim and Lynsey finished their training at North Cotes College back in July this year, they were thinking that six months at home in Northern Ireland would be quite a long time. Yet after four months the time is flying by incredibly fast. There is still a lot to do and they are already wondering how they will manage to fit everything into the time remaining. Read Full Story
Barbara Wiesinger a former student at North cotes College has been in Brazil for about two week and is still trying to settle into her new life as a language learner in Brazil.  Read Full Story
After finishing their training in the UK Tim and Lynsey Johnston embark on the next step of their journey to Brazil Read Full Story
Barbara Wiesinger finished her training at North Cotes last July and is currently teaching in her home country of Germany. Read Full Story
There is a real need for an NTM missionary aviation program in Brazil. And Charlie and Ruth Patton have been working for years to make it happen. But many obstacles are still ahead. “Our faith cannot be in an expected outcome, but in God Himself,” missionary aircraft mechanic Joel Rich added as he and Charlie discussed the delays. “God’s timing is not the same as ours, but He is still in control.” Pray for God's perfect timing, and for patience and perseverance for Charlie and Ruth. Read Full Story