Biem People Group News

Recently Biem believers were amazed at God’s provision for them.

The testimonies of 11 new Biem believers shout the wonder of God's transforming power in their lives.

The college-level six week hands-on training and exposure opportunity challenges young people.

Biem believers are growing by leaps and bounds and are eager to share the Gospel.

The new believers can't stop talking about all they learned—and believed—from Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

Wayne and Gail Chen and their family are excited about returning to their ministry to the Biem people.

Rex is frustrated with his people’s traditions, but turned to them when his daughter was injured.

A team of missionaries with experience and expertise in church planting recently visited the missionaries working with the Biem people to talk about plans to present Firm Foundations Bible teaching in the spring or summer.

Missionaries have completed a workshop on teaching literacy, “and are excited to get back to the island to finalize our literacy program with the Biem guys,” wrote Brandon Buser.

Missionaries who grew up in six different cultures are working together to present the Gospel to the Biem people of Papua New Guinea.

Wayne and Gail Chen are learning the ways and language of the Biem people in preparation for planting a church.

A new couple joins the Biem team as another couple advances in their language skills.

In Papua New Guinea, missionaries Brandon and Rachel Buser are entering into the culture of the people and building relationships.