Bena Bena People Group News

Tuman left a village full of confused mourners.

Five years ago, a Bena Bena village rejected the Gospel. Now they are eager for teaching three times a week.

In order for Heti to recover, others needed to help him breathe.

This month, Mike Mikalovich, an experienced church planter, helped evaluate the maturity of the Bena Bena church.

Five Bena Benas celebrated Jesus' birth as Christians for the first time.

God is changing the lives of five new Bena Bena believers in Papua New Guinea.

One group is scheduled to hear the final evangelistic Bible lesson today.

The escaping balloon gave doctors evidence that Heti's injured lung is regaining strength.

Heti's recovery is bringing glory to God in a variety of ways.

Evangelistic Bible teaching in a Bena Bena village concludes next week

Three Bena Bena men are also being trained to take over the teaching.

Bena Bena believers are understanding the meaning and significance of baptism.

Bena Bena believers in Papua New Guinea are making plans to take the Gospel to a group that has been involved in prolonged warfare.

A Bena Bena believer in Papua New Guinea, Heti, didn't want to be involved in tribal fighting and God answered his pray with a promise of compensation.

Bena Bena believers were an answer to Tumun's prayer as they came together to plant the sick woman's garden.