Bagwido People Group News

The knots in Abrahim's stomach grew tighter. He knew he needed to help, but he was afraid to...

What kind of crazy talk is this?

Sepi is hungry for God's Word in his own Bagwido language...

Matu stared up at the black clouds...

We've never heard of a spirit like this!

The Bagwido believers helped and encouraged the Uriay believers who are working on Bible translation.

Six weeks and over 20 extra people to serve is a joyfully accepted challenge.

Bagwido believers handle another believer's death well.

Baptism brings opposition, but the young Bagwido church holds firm.

A Bagwido grandmother's fervent prayer is answered as she cares for a sick grandchild.

Yembiyembi believers from Papua New Guinea share their faith with zeal and testify with other tribal groups about the message they have received.

Learning that they share beliefs, Yembiyembis and Bagwidos bond in Papua New Guinea

Believers in Papua New Guinea rejoice in opportunities to share their faith.