Geoff was concerned, before starting, that his ankles and knees, which have been problematic were going to be an issue for him as they worked their way up and down and across the mountains so notorious for their steep, rugged and unforgiving trails. Read Full Story
Several weeks ago dust whirled around Albert and Lynne Castelijn’s feet as they waved farewell to the helicopter until it was a tiny speck in the sky; the translation check was over and the consultant flew out. Read Full Story
Norman and Angela McCready praise the Lord that they have ten on their team including themselves. Read Full Story
This year Robert and Nicole Westerveld want to make more of God’s Word available to the believers at the different locations of the tribe, both written and recorded.  Read Full Story
Last month Philip and Natalie were in the USA visiting family, church and friends in Nebraska and attending a Missions Conference in North Carolina. Read Full Story
Dave, Emma and their son Joshua are thankful for growing friendships. Dave works as a doctor in the mission clinic and Emma teaches music at the mission school. They are thankful for progress in language and culture learning. God's Word is having an impact on their friends in the local area. Read Full Story
Looking back Philip and Vina LeRoux can see how much God has done in 2017, and they are so thankful! Read Full Story
André and Aurélie Tousch and family’s flights were on time and nothing got lost; an answer to prayer.  Read Full Story
David and Shari Ogg have exciting news to share about two Creation to Christ Bible classes and one literacy class that began a few weeks ago.  Read Full Story
Support roles include supply buyers, ICT, teachers, pilots, guesthouse managers and many other jobs too. They do loads of tasks, which makes it so much easier for fellow missionaries to live in remote areas of PNG bringing the Gospel to people. Read Full Story
Unfortunately David and Chris Price ended last year on a bit of a low note as both David’s parents were seriously ill in hospital at the same time!  Read Full Story
Dinangat Bible teachers are facing challenges and trials but the Lord is attracted to weakness. Read Full Story
Albert and Lynne Castelijn serve among the Banwaon people in the Philippines and they praise the Lord that despite many, many other things on the go, Albert and his team have been able to get 1 and 2 Corinthians and 1 John ready for the consultant check that is happening this week. Read Full Story

It has been somewhat sad for Geoff and Shannon Husa to start packing things up from their humble home in the jungle of the last 14 years!

 Read Full Story
It is reassuring for Ragnar and Elizabeth to know that people are behind them in this huge project and they want to thank you for praying. Read Full Story
Miriam really enjoyed getting to know the NTM/Ethnos360 (NTM) Aviation Team in America spending some time with them, especially those she contacts when she orders aircraft parts when back in PNG. Read Full Story
The North Waghi missionary team had a translation check in October 2017, in which NTM’s translation consultant checked the books of Luke and 1 Corinthians.  Read Full Story
Three Dom Bible teachers are teaching every night Monday – Friday at a village about 15 minute’s walk from where Jim and Judy Burdett and co-workers Gerolf and Mailis Wuest live among the Dom. Read Full Story
A Dinangat lady told Ralf, "That is just not right that we would keep God’s ’Redemption Story’ to ourselves! We have known about Christ for so many years now but there are still so many places around us that don’t know about God’s Salvation!"  Read Full Story
In late February a consultant check is planned for the translation of for the books 1 and 2 Corinthians and 1 John. Pray that the work is completed on time. Read Full Story