Recently Tony and Maria were able to spend some time with their family in Australia. Tony returned to South Africa at the beginning of March to prepare for teaching at the Bible College, while Maria stayed in Australia for another four weeks. Read Full Story
The past month has been very busy for Eveline Compton and her colleagues as they finished another school term.  Read Full Story
Jan and Doortje Groenveld, itinerant missionaries from the Netherlands, are thankful that the drilling rig was able to make it to their village despite the poor roads. Pray for a way to get more water available to the Komono through one well that’s delivering 4000 l/h. Read Full Story
Bryan and Martha Conard will graduate from the ‘Missionary Training Centre’ at the end of April and will embark on their preparation and deputation time. Read Full Story
Each week Steve and Moira have been able to continue to go to a group of ladies who regularly meet and listen to God’s Word.  Read Full Story
Twenty teachers and helpers from thirteen villages attended a literacy workshop last month.  Read Full Story
Aaron and Amy are thankful for strength to continue and for their co-workers who are doing well and are making good progress in learning Glarro. Read Full Story
Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo praise the Lord that an SIL translator and her team have finished the translation of the New Testament and Genesis in Konyagi! It is now ready for print and they have even received the necessary funds to cover these expenses.  Read Full Story
At the beginning of January Esmé had a fantastic time visiting a village in the south of Senegal. Read Full Story

Jan and Doorje Groenveld ask for prayer that the roads would be good enough for them to get the drilling rig to the Komono village and that they would find a suitable water source.

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Usually people can relate pretty well to each other through their common worldview, upbringing, education, belief system, values etc. Some differences are superficial, easy to spot and does not matter much. However, digging deeper can reveal a huge gap between you and the other person. Read Full Story

A small group of three Americans, one Swiss and one German returned to the village with them. They stayed for one week, to help finish the office building that has been built with help from various teams. Pray that the members of this short-term team will continue to serve God and grow in their faith, while being back at home now and looking for God’s further direction in their lives.

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The weather is somewhat warmer than it is in Northern Ireland (Andrew’s passport country) and believe it or not, they actually pray for rain in Uganda. While Andrew loves the heat and sunshine, the people need rain for their crops and so in love the missionaries pray for it too, even though it is lovely to have sunshine nearly every day. Read Full Story
Phil and Elin picked their kids Callie and Elias up from school in Kenya and began a whirlwind trip to Australia. Read Full Story

Paul and Marina will return at the end of the month with another suitcase full of teaching materials and Scripture portions.

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Ladies attended from all over the country for a time of rest and relaxation, taking a break from their busy lives to spend some time listening, sharing and in worship. Esmé made new friends, enjoyed good food and the luxury of being in a hotel! Read Full Story
Regina has a new language helper and they meet three times a week. Pray for their conversations, relationship and language study. Read Full Story
Andrew and Eliza were surprised when they realised that they have only been back in Senegal for three and a half months; for them it felt so much longer. Read Full Story
After spending a very busy two months in their village in Ivory Coast Paul and Marina Briggs arrived back in the UK this week. Read Full Story

Two days before the anniversary of the Reformation about seven hundred Christians gathered for a thanksgiving service outside the church that Steve and Moira attend. The service lasted for almost four hours and included a talk on the history of the Reformation given by the pastor of their church. He quoted a local proverb that says, "If a tree does not know it's roots it will not stand." There was much singing, dancing and celebration. After the service everyone ate a communal meal served in large bowls and then watched a film about Martin Luther.

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