Abau People Group News

The Uriay believers clearly wish to continue to learn from God's Word and grow in faith.

The first run is only 250, but more, with additional Old Testament passages, will follow.

Lisa Kappeler must live downriver from the Uriay believers and can't spend the time she would like to with them.

The songs of the night birds quickly vanished.

Frank and Mirjam Tertel left six Abau leaders to take care of the believers when they went on home assignment, and were very pleased when they returned recently.

Frank Tertel has been working on translating 1 Corinthians into Abau while his wife, Mirjam, works on Galatians.

This week, Frank Tertel is in the second week of teaching on 1 Timothy to the Abau believers. Last week he taught each weekday, and this week he teaches four days.

Pale and thin, Kalesia could barely stand.

An Abau man in Papua New Guinea quit meeting with the church after tragedy struck his home, but last week he returned and thanked them for praying.

The Abau and Siawi people used to be enemies, but many are now brothers in Christ.

Nayen and her husband Powi believed that God would accept them if their performance was good enough, and they did the right things in the right ways.

Enlu, a young man, is helping older men, and Nayen, a woman, wants to teach the older women.

Kalesia, an Abau believer, relies on God, rather than a witchdoctor, in time of illness.

Mike Mikolavich will help missionaries.

Little Yawko fell into a river in Papua New Guinea last week and was pronounced dead by the wailing and grieving Abau people.

Believing and non-believing Abau people alike are moving forward in learning more about God.

Abau believers in Papua New Guinea are growing in their knowledge of God's Word and some are developing their gift of teaching.