Yembiyembi People Group News

Many visitors joined Yembiyembi believers and missionaries for their Bible dedication.

Tim Shontere needed to complete proofreading of the whole book in Yembi Yembi as quickly as possible, so it can get into the hands of the people.

Missionaries and Yembiyembi believers are rejoicing together in God's faithfulness.

Persecution tempered many who are now godly leaders among the Yembiyembi people.

For Brooks and Nina Buser, that means returning to a remote Yembiyembi village.

Robert wasn’t afraid then and he isn’t afraid now.

No one had to tell Pafi that he was a sinner...

Yembiyembi Bible teachers countered rumors and stories after the believer died.

The tightly woven walls blocked out the pale moonlight...

The baptism service quickly erupted into violence...

A Yembiyembi Bible teacher challenged his students to believe on Jesus.

The house was almost complete...

When the Yembiyembi believer’s wife died, others came to his aid.

Three men are traveling through remote villages to see if people desire to hear Bible lessons.

Anastasia, a strong Yembiyembi believer, was being pressured by her older sister to go to a witchdoctor for her bad knees.

An outreach to a nearby village has been put on hold due to opposition from the same people who have opposed Bible teaching for years.

Twenty Yembiyembi men who desire to serve as deacons are attending a training class.

Yembiyembi men are hearing Bible teaching about being good parents.

Bible teaching about the letter to the Thessalonians generated a desire to understand prophecy.

The Yembyembis burst into song.